Photo Services

If you’re like I was several years ago you most likely have dozens of loose photos, albums, slides and negatives sitting in some dark corner of your home.

If you we’re like I was most recently you have hundreds of digital photographs sitting on your camera or downloaded to your computer totally unorganized.

I took control of those precious memories putting them to good use with the help of ever growing technologies.

Let’s dust off those picture books and organize your digital media. There’s so many ways to display those precious images in today’s age.

I’m here to show you how.


These are just one of the boxes and albums that sit in my basement demanding to be free. Do you have a similar collection?


Turn those old memories and new memories into a Custom Photo Book, Video Slide Show with Music and Special Effects, Digital Media you can send to friends around the world, Coffee Mugs, Shag Rugs and I think you get the idea.

There are so many outlets for presentation and preservation it can be very overwhelming. Let’s talk and I can guide you in the right direction based on your needs.


I can assist you in repairing your damaged photos. You’d be surprised what can be recovered with what would seem a total loss.

(Click on the example above for a closer look.)


And that’s just the “cream of the crop” as they say.

I’ll be posting a detailed BLOG soon that lists all the variables and possibilities and linking it from this page so everyone who visits this site can have a more informed decision as to what is out there. It the meantime feel free to email, text and/or call for more information or questions.

The following is a small sampling of custom Photo Book Covers and Pages I’ve completed over the years. Each individual customer is going to have unique ideas to the stylings they’ll desire. My job is to find your sensibilities to put the perfect memory together that will be carried through lifetimes.

Photobook Cover Examples

Photobook Page Examples

Photographs To Music

This example is the wedding of myself and my beautiful bride that took place many years ago. All pictures scanned and edited with music and special effects.

DVD Custom Cover Examples