The cool thing about being a web head and overall media ‘guru’ is the variety of projects I get to work on. I admit that sometimes they’re not as much fun as when I put together this poster for a local film production based on the character Indiana Jones. You can visit the official site at Indiana Jones and the Legend of Bimini. Let’s look at the elements of the poster.

This is an interesting background that I found through Google Images.

Another image I found through Google. This gives the waterfall in the poster an extra sense of size.

This is Rick Staropoli portraying the movie hero icon Indiana Jones. The photo itself was snapped at an early costume rehearsal.

This image shows the actual location where the cast and crew of the film will be shooting a scene in their production.

We take all the images above adding some models of the aircraft of the era, the signature title font of the franchise, some color filtering and we have the working poster of Indiana Jones and the Legend of Bimini.