Chris brought his extensive development skills, and improved the site. Chris is prompt, understand and delivers the vision needed to get our website the exposure needed, using cutting edge web tools, and strategies! We highly endorse his work, and recommend him for any website needs. Naeem Randhawa

Operations, JustSayGo

It started as a trade in services with Chris to improve my site and I to help him with some illustrations for his site, and we both agreed that it’s a fair trade. I showed him my old site and told him to see what can be done. To my amazement, he went and did an overhaul to the site but still kept to my vision. He’d also thrown in some cool apps for good measure and he’d finished it in no time, too. I’m totally impressed and happy with my site’s new look. Even all my friends and colleagues are very impressed and kept commenting that the site is really cool. I can only say that Chris knows his trade very well and shows the kind of work he does and has been very helpful explaining what he has done to my site which was a very professional touch and courtesy to someone like me who has no clue on website design and stuff. Dario Carrasco

Artist, Panday Studio

I have attempted, several times, to develop a portfolio web page for my digital coloring but was never happy with them. Chris makes one for me and it blows me away! The background colors and the way he has presented my finished colors are absolutely stunning. Cathy Ann Gouin

Colorist, Digi Color Cat

I had a vision, and Chris took it to another level. He is the by far the best Web Designer I have ever had dealing’s with. He’s always at 110%, never less. Jay Katz

Owner, Invest Comics

Chris took all the ideas I had of what my website could be, and created what my website should be. His ability to understand my website needs without me being able to verbalize them was amazing. He brings a unique eye and perspective to each website he creates-there are no clones from one project to the next. Each website is it’s own unique creation. Jerry Rascoe

Artist, Jerry Rascoe